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Smart thinking. Decisive action. Real time.


Achieve in a day or two what otherwise may take weeks or months. People now ‘thumb’ their way through life, from meeting to meeting, in a perpetual cloud of instant messaging. Technology has brought huge productivity gains, but the shift from 'face' to 'screen' time has created new systemic problems for organisations. Content and relationships have become victims of this high-quantity, low-quality communication. TEAMWIN practitioners help leaders at all levels to tune into the right voices, and encourage direct interaction that builds trust and improves mutual understanding. They harness the power of collaborative technology only to enhance face-to-face interaction. 

Productivity. Accountability.


On average, senior executives devote more than two days per week to meetings involving three or more co-workers, and 15% of an organisation’s collective time is spent in meetings (HBR, May 2014). The study involving 17 corporations showed that more time spent interacting over the past two decades has not produced significantly more collaboration outside organisational silos - up to 80% of the interactions took place within departments, not between businesses, across functions, or between headquarters and other parts of the company. 


In the very different context of aid workers interacting during a crisis, we calculate that similar interaction problems exist, whereby the right people are not in attendance, or the purpose is primarily for sharing information rather than gathering input or brainstorming alternatives - a much better use of collective time.


Most organisations have no clear understanding of how productive these remote and face-to-face interactions are, and so very few bring as much discipline to their time budgets as to their capital spend. Evidence shows that doing so would lower overhead expenses and liberate countless hours of previously unproductive time, fuelling innovation and accelerating profitable growth in the private sector, while ensuring more impact for donations in the aid sector. This certainly resonates with our experience working with teams all over the world.

Proven. Rigorous. Innovative.


TEAMWIN is a workshop-based methodology distinguished by its focus on face-to-face engagement and underpinning rigour, which comprises a number of modules categorised as follows:


  • Thinking strategically

  • Being creative

  • Engaging & aligning

  • Measuring performance

  • Balancing teams


These modules include concepts and techniques developed over many years, drawing on a wealth of ideas and practical experience from different industries across the private, public and non-profit sectors.


The other distinguishing feature is the associated collaborative toolkit, designed to enable effective application of these modules, engage participants, and make workshops or conferences highly productive and enjoyable. The toolkit is a novel combination of technology, experiential exercises, and survey-based methods.

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