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Making good facilitators great

Discern when to intervene and

when to step back


Only individuals can become accredited TEAMWIN users, normally of selected elements of the package. They will either be independent operators or employees in the private, public and non-profit sectors. They might be practicing facilitators or managers looking to add to their capabilities, or subject matter experts looking to leverage their knowledge through improved collaboration.


They will be experienced in working in conjunction with other specialists. They will understand that in today’s world of ‘overload’, people appreciate the opportunity to stop and think in the right kind of environment, share ideas and experiences with others, and discover fresh insights for themselves. Therefore they will focus on ‘asking the right questions of the right people at the right time in the right way’, rather than telling them what they think they need to hear.


They will conceive and deliver a meeting as ‘a memorable experience’, where a balance is maintained between creativity and discipline, control and freedom, the macro and micro, and using existing or generating new content.


In summary, TEAMWIN practitioners must have a genuine interest in others, and be intelligent, articulate, quick thinkers of high integrity, as well as experienced in their field.


We tailor training programmes for accreditation that reflect the needs of the applicant, including their plans for the use of TEAMWIN, background and experience. This comprises a personalised practitioner guide and an initial one or two day intensive training session.


The applicant is then ‘provisionally accredited’, and must utilise the process for an agreed number of times in a specified period. We will then review progress and the applicant will become fully accredited, or asked to do more work before another review.


We maintain ownership of all the equipment, and will arrange for the appropriate kit to be available as required.

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