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“Very original concept … reminds me of nothing I’ve tried before.”

Strategy consultant

“The game takes no more than an hour and a half to run and every innovation team should be required to go through it at the start of the project and ideally once or twice during the life of the project. I have participated in The Mat ten or more times, and have run the exercise at least as often, and I learn or relearn something every time.”

Mark Sherrington

Added Value: The Alchemy of Brand-led Growth (Palgrave 2003)

“You were asked to engage in helping us solve a 'wicked problem' that we knew would challenge our internal ralations - a task that was met with enthusiasm, professionalism and vigour. Thank you for helping us to contribute to crossing a major hurdle in the race to fight a killer disease.”

Medical doctor

working globally for an NGO


“In our merger you demonstrated a very exciting and helpful process to allow an organisation and individuals to galvanise around the stretch objectives.”

Marketing and Sales Director

UK pharmaco

“We have not been engaged properly by the international community til now
- 10 years after the Americans arrived; we feel we have been listened to, we have contributed well to addressing our own problems, we are clear and committed to the road ahead.”

Afghan National Police Commander

Kabul, Afghanistan


“As a non-native English speaker, in my 20 years of participating in clinical trials, this is the first time I have felt comfortable in sharing my voice because of the way the Investigator Meeting was delivered and the tools we had at our disposal.”

Russian Medical doctor

Investigator Meeting, Brussels

"You have been lucky to have attended this workshop for the last day and a half, and I wish I was able to attend from the beginning. Events like these help us to get the issues out, think outside the box – and not be captured by political frameworks. There is a lot to work to do in order to address the issues that have emerged, and it is important that we continue to tease out the needed actions over the next 3 months, 6 months and even 12 years.”

United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator

Islamabad, Pakistan


It was a very intensive day, but having been involved in something similar for a different project involving the same audience, I thought it was a much better experience. I can see how you have won your reputation.”

Senior public servant

UK Ministry of Defence, London

“Thank you for listening and taking account of our knowledge and ideas; it is refreshing to have a voice in such a difficult set of circumstances, where we are trying to get across to military and police how they should act towards our country's citizens”

Human rights lawyer

Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo

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