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TEAMWIN is a collaborative, creative, and disciplined approach to making more of face-to-face interactions in meetings involving from 10-1,000 participants. The approach comprises the following three steps: co-design; co-facilitation; and co-reporting. Wherever possible the meeting, workshop series or conference is designed to build on previous work and point to ways to sustain momentum. 

collaboration measurement
workshop reporting


Whenever a group of people meet, whether it be by a water cooler or in a 2-day strategic workshop, they engage to some degree or another in what we describe as the 'six dimensions' of collaboration. They might be sharing some knowledge or lessons learned, grappling with a problem, or agreeing some actions. This exchange in turn helps the participants become more cohesive and leaders to grow, whilst continuing to build relationships. 


In conjunction with our team, and using a simple system for rating their current performance, the client decides on which of the six aspects they wish to focus on for this engagement. The workshop is then designed as a ‘guided conversation’ to ensure that participants remain engaged and that their needs are addressed.


A TEAMWIN template helps expedite agreement between practitioner and client on the scope, participants and presenters, objectives, process, pre-reading or viewing materials and agenda.



During the event, TEAMWIN practitioners complement the client’s expertise and experience personally, and draw on modules from the five concept areas of the proprietary methodology, enabled by the associated toolkit.


  • Thinking strategically

  • Being creative

  • Engaging & aligning

  • Measuring performance

  • Balancing teams


Transcripts captured through the measured use of collaborative technology are often shared as the meeting progresses, and provide a user-friendly final working document for the participants.


Together these elements provide the underpinning rigour that differentiates TEAMWIN.


The overall objective is to make the very most of the precious face-to-face time, and to model a productive level of collaboration that endures post the event.




Within 24-48 hours, a high-quality processed transcript or report will be disseminated to delegates following the workshop.


Every delegate’s inputs are represented faithfully, while the delivery team enhances the final product with an overall summary, including attention to any ‘diamonds’ found within the discussion.


A more strategic next iteration of the output can be produced within one week of the event.


Speed and quality are imperative to this process, and so we are strict with our clients to help us maintain this impeccable record!



TEAMWIN is used to enhance workshops and conferences around the world. The most common applications include the mobilisation of projects and strategic initiatives (kick-offs and pit-stops for planning, roll out and implementation), and specific facets of collaboration.

TEAMWIN mobilisation methodology
TEAMWIN mobilisation methodology
TEAMWIN mobilisation methodology

In conjunction with subject matter experts and alliance partners, we have also designed a number of thematic workshops where collaborative thinking and collective action are critical to success.

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